The system is the foundation of company Prosperity

Every company owner must have a clear picture of its operation. To prosper, the company must lead a high-quality personnel policy, must develop a strategy for the development of the company at least five years in advance, must be surrounded by employees who understand their field and must control the leadership of people. It's definitely not enough. Especially everything that concerns the management of people. In any case, it must also have an evaluation of the staff, which focuses on the effective performance of employees, on their personal development. To ensure that the company's goals coincate with the objectives of the employees.
The natural authority of the superior is not to pay
If you get into the management of your company A person who has a natural authoritarian impression on the subordinates, then you have won. From such a person you can expect quality appraisal interviews with employees, which will be conducted effectively and will not pass the effect. Do not forget that even such a person needs praise, but also, if necessary, an explanation of what does not do in accordance with the company's goal. Remember that fairness is the most important precondition for strengthening the acceptable climate in the company.